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At Revelation Craft Brewing Company, we believe the boundaries for the craft of brewing are limitless. We bring you the highest quality brews paired with one of a kind experience. Our beer is made with passion and contains great craftsmanship, a refined process and quality ingredients. Our craft beers will bring new experiences and instill in you our passion for good beer.

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Revelation Rehoboth
*MINGO* - Thursday, August 11th 6-8pm! The Game is structured like Bingo, only with Music! FUN for the WHOLE FAMILY. Stay for 1 round of MINGO or as many rounds as you would like. A Prize will be given to each winner for each round! The DJ plays clips of each song in random order and announces the songs being played, the players will then mark their spaces accordingly until a winner is named! The winner then receives a prize! RevBeers, Nassau Valley Wine and Food by DaNizza Wood Fired Pizza Truck are available for purchase! Cheers!